Does holding Music Together® classes online work? Here's what some happy parents are saying:

I occasionally run into friends from music class who aren’t doing the online thing and this is what I tell them:

For us, it’s been worth it—and working well. We already had a strong relationship with teacher Linda and keeping up with music class has let us maintain that. My kids adore her and want to sing and jump around because that’s what she’s doing. It’s often their favorite part of the week. 

For me as a parent, I feel like Clarice, Linda and their teacher team have worked SO hard. Every online semester has been a bit different as they keep learning and adjusting to make the online platform as engaging as possible. I am so thankful for them — especially every time I try out some other online kids thing — because they have created a space with engagement, interaction, good sound, and variety that I just haven’t found anywhere else. 

All the things I loved about Music Together when we started years ago are still there. We have more music in our home — my kids sing these songs all the time. We have a relationship with a teacher we adore. And the child development-based teaching techniques are still teaching all of us to live the music in our bones. 

Things we’ve done to make online class work best for us: we use the biggest computer screen we have and all sit on the floor in sort of a circle. Sometimes the kids watch me and do what I’m doing, sometimes they watch the teacher, but she’s part of our circle, not a show we’re watching. We have another family inside our bubble so we added that kiddo to our routine and having three kids really amped up our energy here. And, we always log on a little early to say hello to the teacher…We have a routine and create a special space so it’s more like ‘going to class’. I value this program so much and I want it to be there next year and the year after that. 

My son I have done nine(!) sessions of Music Together. Three of those have been online! While it’s different, it’s still Music Together. We have a weekly appointment with making music and now his big brother joins us most weeks. It means all three of us are making music together everywhere we go—which isn’t far, mostly on our walks through the neighborhood, singing whatever song has caught their fancy. Keeping Music Together in our lives has helped us keep a sense of community with our fellow classmates and each other. It has helped me keep a pep in my step as I navigate my children through this different landscape.

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the online Zoom format for Music Together. As grandparents who are caregivers, it is so nice to just do it at home. The kids pull out their special chairs and the basket of instruments and eagerly wait for class each week. We absolutely love teacher Myra. She is fabulous! Can’t say enough praise for her.  

The other day our daughter-in-law sent us a video of our 15-month-old grandson singing “Hello to papa, so glad to see you”. He doesn’t talk yet except for a few words but you can hear the tune and the rhythm as he sings it, and he is drumming along with one stick  He is our 5th grandchild in the program. Thanks for all you and your staff do to make music come alive for us.

Our children have been thrilled with the online Music Together classes. They enjoy seeing their teacher as well as experiencing "new to them" teachers during the bonus story times, dance parties and lullaby hours. What I love is that we are still experiencing the same music bond time we had during our in-person music class days. I highly recommend continuing Music Together classes during this time and bringing the love of music into your home.

When Music Together moved online in the spring I wasn’t sure how it would go. But, I have been so impressed with the way our teacher engages with us and supports us as well as how much engagement my kids have in the classes.  I see the benefits of Music Together online just like in person. It’s also fun to have something routine on the schedule now that we don’t have many plans.  We have also been able to tune into the “extra” story-music times or dance parties about one time a week and have really enjoyed them.  My kids especially like the Saturday evening dance parties!  This has been a super challenging time for everyone, but it makes me happy to see businesses like Music Together adapting so they are still able to support children and their families in unique ways.

We love our Music Together class with teacher Tibbe. We just completed our 8th session with her. Our son looks forward to his weekly class time and has been enjoying the extra weekly music play dates, story nights, and dance parties that have been added during our virtual sessions, especially when it's with teacher Tibbe. While the virtual experience is different than being in class with everyone, we are still having a lot of fun each week dancing and singing in our living room. And the best part is we can sing loud and be extra silly and nobody else can hear us! Our son deals with some hearing loss and a speech delay and our weekly Music Together class along with singing with our CD during the week is what helped him to find his voice and eventually put that together into his first words. We highly recommend Music Together!

What I like most about Music Together Online is the all the extra content we receive. In addition to the original weekly class, there are two optional weekly evening events featuring songs and stories, which means more quality time together singing, dancing, playing instruments, and using our imaginations. And every other week we have a Saturday night dance party. All from the safety and convenience of our homes using Zoom. Many events are recorded so they can be viewed whenever is convenient. My 3-year-old loves to see her usual teacher every week and meet the other teachers who lead the bonus events on a rotating basis. It's quality time for the whole family, husband and pets included. We love it!

We have really enjoyed Music Together Online. It has been a great way for us all to connect, sing, and dance together during this time. Of course we would much prefer to do it all in-person, but Music Together has done an amazing job in making the online experience the best possible experience for our kids. My daughters, age three and ten months, look forward to music class every week online the same as if it were in the classroom.

What has been even better about the online classes is that my older daughter & I will join the LIVE music class and then I will later watch the recording with my younger one because the LIVE class is during her nap time. So they each get music time with mom. Plus, the extra Musical Play Dates in the evening have been an awesome way to wind down for the night. Music Together has really gone above & beyond to continue making music an essential part of learning and has really made it easy for the families during this distant time.  Thank you to the teachers for all that you do!

My family has participated in Music Together music classes for the last four years. I have a 4 ½-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. It is an activity that brings such joy to both of my kids. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was so much uncertainty with everything in our lives. Music class was something we didn’t want to have to give up. It was part of our routine and a highlight of our week. I was so grateful that Music Together transitioned to a virtual model so my kids could continue to grow in their love for music. 

Of course, as a parent with young children, I was initially concerned about screen time and if my kids would adjust to the virtual model. Those concerns faded quickly. The format of the virtual class closely modeled that of the in-person class. It was like having our teacher in our family room for music class, rather than going to the Red Balloon Bookshop. It was just as interactive and engaging as an in-person class. Having very routine-based kids, they didn’t skip a beat. Their participation virtually is very similar to their participation in person. 

Furthermore, the pandemic has limited social opportunities for my family. I view live virtual music class as a social development opportunity for my kids. They get to see many of their friends from class and connect with their teacher at the beginning and end of class. 

Music class continues to be part of our weekly routine and we love it! I would recommend it to all young families, especially those who previously participated in person and may have not tried the virtual model yet.

We have been happily surprised by the unexpected benefits of participating virtually in Music Together. My 3-year-old feels greater freedom in expressing herself and experimenting with the music. We often move around the house from class to class, and even during a single class. Rather than act as a distraction, the changing scenery seems to help keep her focused and open her eyes to different ways of making music. She loves watching the recorded class videos on her own later in the week. This repetition appears to not only quicken her connection to the music, but also deepen her relationship with her teacher (as much as or more than our in-person classes did). Far from a "less than" experience, Music Together Online has proved to be just as musically enriching, relevant and fun!

I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Music Together Online.  Our son is only 16 months old and has started calling out his teacher's name whenever he sees the computer because he loves singing and dancing with her each week.  Whenever we say it's time for music he gets a huge smile on his face and heads straight for the living room in search of our laptop.  To be honest, we all do!  Our whole family looks forward to music class. No matter what kind of week we've had during these strange times, it always lifts our spirits!  

We also appreciate having the weekly videos because our son gets an extra dose of music class and it's also a great way to help my husband and me remember the songs so we can sing them throughout our day.  "The Eensy Weensy Spider" saves the day during diaper changes and "Tiny Tim" comes to the rescue at dinnertime.  

As a first-time mom, I thought a music class was just a fun thing that I was going to do with my son once a week.  I wasn't expecting all of the added bonuses like the rich vocabulary that the songs provide.  I believe his receptive and expressive language skills have been greatly enhanced by the fun songs and the actions that go along with them.  We are also blown away by the progression of musical skills we're seeing in our son!  Despite the fact that the class has moved online, he is still learning new skills all the time.  He started tapping his legs to the beat, finishing words at the ends of phrases, singing the occasional "doooo" during a song, and he LOVES to dance!  

I honestly feel like I am a better mom because of Music Together.  We take it very seriously when our teacher says that this is a music class for us as the parents.  We get super into it and we know that our son will get way more out of it if we're having fun and we sure do!  This has been as much of a gift to us as it has been for our son.  And it is a gift that we can give him all day, every day and into the future.

I never could have imagined doing Music Together Online during a pandemic yet here we are and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! While I miss meeting together in person, I have watched my child continue to grow musically through participating in Music Together Online. The music continues to be fun and engaging and we love singing along! Ms Kari does a wonderful job engaging the kids and it's fun to see them interact with her.  You can tell all the kids love her and can't wait until they can hug her again. We look forward to the time when we can all meet in person but until then this truly is the next best thing.

We started with Music Together in the Valley when my daughter was just 10 months old. We wanted to introduce her as an infant to music in a way where she could grow with it—and from our very first class, we knew we had made the perfect decision for our little family. Classes are always stimulating, energetic, educational and heaps of fun! Combining song, rhythm and dance, we know we are building the foundation for a lifelong love of music. Music Together now, despite all odds, has brought music into our homes safely with the same level of energy and enjoyment as our in-person classes. Our daughter, now almost 3, so looks forward to her time with her teacher every week and now gets to share the experience with her younger brother. Seeing the development of musical skills and knowledge in both of my children has been remarkable—and we love being part of the party too!

My children (ages 6 and almost 3) have grown up with in-person Music Together classes. They loved seeing friends and having a routine...Switching to online was an adjustment the first session at home, but our teacher, Ms Jackie, kept encouraging us to let our children absorb the music as they needed. Oftentimes, my then just-turned 2-year-old would leave the room and tell me to “have a great class” or be playing with trains in the background while I clapped away with the class. Each week I would hope for participation the way my adult self defined it and each week, Ms Jackie would encourage me and others to let our children be children, absorbing the content the way they needed to that day. This was especially hard for me. In the past, we would drive to a room that was the Music Together room. It set the tone. But at home, we were surrounded by our personal distractions of toys, stuffies, etc…

I eventually decided to put my personal goals of my daughter “doing the right things” aside and leaned in to what Miss Jackie was saying. By the end of the session, I was surprised. My youngest was helping prep for class, finding scarves, sticks or whatever the suggested items were that day. She now looks forward to offering ideas to Ms Jackie and has adjusted to the new online format…It has been a blessing to be able come together in an intentional, musical way each week. We have seen the benefits of making music together unfold in so many ways. If we need to calm down, we sing a softer song from Music Together which we have practiced as a group being slow or quiet. If I need my children to hurry to put on coats/shoes, we sing a fun song. The familiarity and repetition is key. Seeing the same faces and hearing the same names during roll call creates consistency and routine in our lives – something we all crave, but which is particularly important to the toddler and growing stages of children.

My 6 year old has a love for reading and math – and music plays an important role in supporting both. I am starting to see the budding stages of these with my youngest already. Music Together online is such a gift to our family during these unprecedented times. It’s a little sparkle of joy in our homes each week!

My daughter and I really do miss the in-person classes; however, we are very thankful to have the online option.  It’s been good for our routine and we have been grateful to continue in sharing the love of music with the teacher and other families. I feel this bridge of connection is important to maintain.  My little girl sees that other children are excited about the same things and are learning the same things that she is. We love the teachers and look forward to being in-person again, but Music Together has been standing firm in its promise to keep us together in and through music.

We have been happily surprised by the unexpected benefits of participating virtually in Music Together. My 3-year-old feels greater freedom in expressing herself and experimenting with the music. We often move around the house from class to class, and even during a single class. Rather than act as a distraction, the changing scenery seems to help keep her focused and open her eyes to different ways of making music. She loves watching the recorded class videos on her own later in the week. This repetition appears to not only quicken her connection to the music, but also deepen her relationship with her teacher (as much as or more than our in-person classes did). Far from a "less than" experience, Music Together Online has proved to be just as musically enriching, relevant and fun!

My son and I had a great time in this fall session online! He asks to watch the class videos almost daily. We appreciate the recordings and think it is a great addition to the weekly live classes. Thanks for making those available. We look forward to using them until the winter session starts.

I have been bringing all of my grandsons to Music Together since 2017. Haven’t missed a semester yet—not even during the pandemic!

Our fearless teachers have been working so diligently to keep music alive via Zoom. Has it been the same as gathering in community? No. But that doesn’t mean online music lacks benefits. Here are a few I have discovered since March: my health and that of my loved ones is prioritized; Grandmas in California can join us; it’s fun for kids to see cousins on Zoom; it’s great for the kids to be able to hear their favorite song again and again by pressing rewind on the taped class sent to our inbox; and family pets become part of the experience!

My first granddaughter arrived two days before our world changed in March. She has been an eager participant. Without online music options we would have forfeited this precious time together. I am thankful we didn’t have to miss out.

My now 2.5-year-old daughter and I have been attending Paula's class since Fall of 2019 and absolutely love it.  Switching from in-person to virtual was an adjustment but my daughter still loves the classes very much. It has been amazing to watch how she has grown musically over the past year.  She has favorite songs from each music collection and will sing them on her own. She looks forward to class every week and enjoys watching the replay videos in-between sessions.

We’ve loved having Music Together as one of our normal routines during the pandemic. It’s actually been more convenient online than getting everyone packed up to go in the car….We have been singing the songs at home, and some songs have been useful in motivating our toddler through transitions like the “Ridin’ in the Car” song, help her get excited instead of frustrated with her car seat or anxious about an impending separation.

A lot of children’s music can be grating to me, but I actually like the Music Together songs and really appreciate all the thought behind creating or including the music in the curriculum. I feel confident we are giving our kids what they need at this stage in their development to appreciate music for the rest of their lives! Also, Andrea is a great teacher. Her joy in the music is infectious and her playfulness and flexibility help make her great with little ones.

Our Music Together Online class is something my 2-year-old daughter and I both look forward too each week. I have found she is more willing to participate in the online classes than she was in our in-person classes since we are in the comfort of our own home.

This is the second child I've had go through Music Together and I can see similar patterns develop even though it’s now online.  By the end of each session both children started randomly singing the songs we sing in class. Sometimes it doesn't seem like they’ve gotten anything out of class. But when all of a sudden they start dancing or clapping to a song—and this is something they do often—I know something has clicked in their awesome brains!

Music Together Online has been a wonderful experience for my 6 month old and 4 year old. I love having a dedicated time each week to make music with my kids and love that we can stay at home! We are then able to incorporate the songs into our daily activities and time together as a family throughout the week! Teacher Linda is an absolute joy and as a parent, has taught me so much about music development and the importance of modeling music for my kids. I was drawn to Music together because it emphasizes the importance of making music WITH your children and being a model for them to develop those ever importance skills. Music Together has been a bright light in our week, especially these past nine months. I cannot recommend Music Together Online enough.